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Handmade Moss Wall Art | Preserved Moss Art | Sustainable Decor | Eco-Friendly | Moss Art with Branches

Handmade Moss Wall Art | Preserved Moss Art | Sustainable Decor | Eco-Friendly | Moss Art with Branches

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Welcome the soothing charm of the outdoors into your living space with this stunning moss wall art piece. Our creation combines the velvety allure of preserved moss with the rustic warmth of natural wood and delicate branch accents. This moss wall will allow you to escape into the heart of nature, right from your home.

Length: 45" (3.75 ft) (114 cm)
Height: 35.5" (3 ft H) (90.17 cm)

No sunlight required. Keep out of direct sun or color will fade over time.
No watering/misting required. The moss is preserved, or as I like to say, "frozen in time." This being said - the moss is REAL, but no longer LIVING.

Living walls are popular, but their upkeep and longevity is seldom viable. Naturspire uses 100% real plants, naturally preserved with ZERO maintenance! We create sustainable, versatile and beautiful natural art using a variety of botanical materials. All of our preserved plants are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Our handcrafted Moss Artworks are remarkably lightweight and without expensive ongoing maintenance - no grow lights, fertilizer or watering required. Simply hang them on your wall and enjoy.


All products are handmade and can be customized.

- Because they are natural products, they are fragile. we take care to pack them securely but sometimes they can be damaged, We will design a new moss for you as soon as possible, but you should:

1. Open the package immediately after receiving it.
2. If damaged, take detailed photos of product damage AND box damage and send messages to me. If your art is damaged, we will replace it, BUT NOT REFUNDABLE.
3. Do not water or mist your moss art.
4.Your moss art may smell "Earthy" upon arrival. This is normal and will disappear completely within a few weeks. Some people like the fragrance, some don't and most don't even notice. If you are particularly sensitive, I recommend placing it in a well-ventilated room. In two weeks the scent will be 100% gone. Remember that this is a completely natural product.

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