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Moss Workshop | Team Building in Indianapolis

Moss Workshop | Team Building in Indianapolis

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Welcome to Naturspire's DIY Moss Workshop! Get together with your friends, family, or coworkers to bond and learn a new craft.
Moss frames are great addition to any interior! It is a part of biophilic design which connects humans with the natural landscape, bringing a piece of nature indoors which boosts mental health and positivity. They also require no maintenance and no watering, just occasional dusting; easy-peasy!
Throughout this workshop you will learn about
  • The different varieties of moss
  • Preservation process of moss
  • Different types of moss frame designs
  • Best practices in moss art
  • Personalized care tips & tricks
  • Benefits of biophilic design
Create and Personalize

Work with a wide range of mosses, materials, and tools to bring your moss dream to life.

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