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Compact Living Wall Kit - 8 Pockets for Plants - Plant Wall

Compact Living Wall Kit - 8 Pockets for Plants - Plant Wall

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Compact Living Wall Kit

The Compact Living Wall Kit is the perfect choice for bringing greenery indoors. Its wall-mounted design and built-in irrigation system make assembly a breeze. With its generous plant capacity, it's capable of transforming a room into a lush urban oasis.

Learn the basics of vertical gardening with this easy to use kit:

The Compact Living Walls Kit is watered from the top and the recycled plastic nylon felt wicks water to the plants. Excess water drips from the bottom and is recirculated. A mild plant food is added to the water to create a hydroponic living wall system that allows the plants to continue to grow into the felt.

Grows 8 plants, sold separately.

Includes: 3 Gallon Tank, Pump, Timer, Tubing
110V Plug-in timer waters plants daily for 30 minutes, 12"W x 62"H x 6"D, Felt Color: Black.

The Complete Kit Includes:

  • A Florafelt 8-pocket Living Walls Planter
  • 3 Gallon Water Bin
  • Water Pump & Tubing
  • Automatic timer
  • Neatly folds into a 26 x 13 x 7 inch box
  • Each Full sized pocket is 10" wide by 6" deep
  • Felt stretches open to receive 4 to 6 inch potted plants
  • Use included root wrappers to change and arrange plants easily

Florafelt Planters are hand made in the USA from plastic.

Plants NOT Included.

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